TAKEO PAPER PRODUCTSは色やテクスチャーが豊富なファインペーパーの素材感を大切に、ていねいにつくった紙製品です。



We are simply passionate about creating products from fine grade paper in various colors and rich textures. We aim to create relatable yet exquisite moments — a special lifting feeling, a sense of comfort, a small happiness — through the touch of paper.

Our materials are hand picked from over nine thousand of the world’s finest papers. Craftsmanship is equally important. We balance the consistency of mass production with the quality of hand craftsmanship. Each and every product is individually hand inspected.

TAKEO PAPER PRODUCTS are designed and made in Japan by Takeo Co., Ltd. Takeo is the leading paper merchant in Japan and has been providing the finest paper to the graphic design, print, and publishing industries since 1899.