Dressco brand mark

The Dressco brand symbol illustrates a peacock displaying its feathers which represents Dressco’s concept — products to fascinate. The peacock illustration is from “Iie Reise nach Filigranistan”, a book about watermarks.

Dressco マーク

Flavors of paper

Dressco is all about the flavors of paper. Various combinations of colors, smooth and rough surfaces, thicknesses and weights, differences in the hardness/softness of each paper’s touch, result in a multitude of “flavors” at Takeo Paper.


Watermarks are created by differences in the thickness of the paper when a wireform of the watermark is pressed into the paper. During the manufacturing process, the wireform causes the paper to hold less pulp and as a result, the mark is visible when held up to the light. Watermark designs often include the name of the paper, the ingredients, the insured quality, emblems, animals, etc.


Laid Paper

In Europe, paper used to be made with screens lined with thin wires. The screens make a stripe-like texture because the wire part of the screen holds less paper pulp than the spaces between the wires. The stipe-like texture is called Laid.


Stationery paper

Stationery paper is used for official letterheads and envelopes by corporations because the quality of the paper adds trust and dignity which, in turn, brings a good impression to their clients. Stationery paper has a watermark which signifies the paper maker’s dedication to high quality. Stationery paper is specifically developed for writing and is the core of all Dressco products.

Binding method for Dressco notebook

Dressco paper and cloth notebooks are hardcover books designed to be opened flat. Bound books are made up from three basic components: Signatures, Endpapers, and Covers. The Signatures (folded page papers) are sewn together and the Covers are made from board covered with thin paper or cloth. The Endpaper holds the cover and the signature papers together with adhesive.



Envelopes are categorized by the shapes of folds, triangle and rectangle.
Envelopes with triangle folds are called “Diamond Envelopes” from the shape of the unfolded envelope and are widely used as formal invitations and letters. Envelopes with rectangular folds are called “Kamasu Envelopes” because they resemble Kamasu, the shape of straw mat bags folded in half and sewed along the sides. Dressco offers both types of envelopes for different occasions and needs.


Embossing, Debossing, and Foil-stamping

Three dimensional effects on paper can be made by pressing the paper on metal mold. Embossing creates a raised effect and Debossing creates an indented effect. Foil-stamping is created by using a sheet of foil when debossing the paper. These special techniques bring the beauty of paper to the next level.